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Inbred Lines - Purpose Driven Breeding

Evolution accelerated

Each successive generation is reproduced from seedling plants, chosen from large samples. Selection for desirable characteristics is constant and continual. Stability is sought while diversity is appreciated.


Inbred line since 2006

Potency: strong-very strong

Type: Indica/sativa

Best grown indoors

9-10 week flowering period

Range of smell: blueberries, berries, syrupy sweet, pine.

Growth Pattern

Moderate to aggressive, heavily directed to the top, does not respond well to topping or training.

Not very impressive, until the end of flowering, when the buds grow rock hard and juicy. Can be very rewarding.

Phenotype variation is mostly in the smell.

Blueberry is a tough one to grow and I wouldn’t recommend it for an entire crop until a clone is established.

Original Genetics

I started with a clone of Blueberry in the 1990s from a rich source of clones at the time.

Between 2000-2004 I purchased Dutch Passion, DJ Short and Sagarmatha Blueberry.

In 2006, a fellow breeder from Oregon sent me a nice example of his Blueberry which I bred in.

I consider this to be mostly Indica in appearance and effect.


Inbred line since 2010

Potency: Very strong

Type: Sativa


8-9 week flowering period

Range of smell: pineapple, melon, grape, tropical, spice, grapefruit, syrupy sweet.

Growth Pattern

Slight to moderate, small footprint, very efficient, very fat tops at the finish.

Good branching.

Phenotype variation is slight in smell and height.

Original Genetics

A generous fellow breeder bequeathed this to me in 2010.

He started me with a good assortment of phenotypes and I’ve used many generations to narrow the focus.

I consider this to be mostly sativa in appearance and effect.

Northern Lights

Inbred line since 2007

Potency: strong-very strong

Type: Indica/sativa


9 week flowering period

Range of smell: mild, burnt match, floral, pine.

Growth Pattern

Moderate height, good branching, nice tops, very standard.

Phenotype variation is slight in height and smell.

Known for its desirable low odour, I am now trying to entice the terpenes out through selection.

Original Genetics

I grew the famous NL#5 from British Columbia Seed Company beginning in the late 1990’s.

By 2007, I felt the need to freshen the genetics. I landed on a Northern Lights from Hemcy in 2007.

In-breeding since then.

I consider this to be mostly Indica in appearance and effect.

Sweet Skunk

Inbred line since 2002

Potency:very strong

Type: Sativa


9-11 week flowering period

Range of smell: sour, chemical, diesel, skunk, citrus.

Growth Pattern

Moderate to very aggressive.

Strong branching if topped, very trainable.

Vulnerable to stretching in early flower.

Thrives in good conditions.

Original Genetics

I acquired an Island Sweet Skunk clone in the 1990’s.

I purchased British Columbia Seed Company’s True Skunk in 2002 and bred that in.

I consider this strain a sativa. It is my long-time personal favourite.

I’ve kept this line quite varied as I hate to loose any qualities until i’ve fully explored them.